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S7C Intelligent Quick repair and Quick guarantee instrument for Automobile

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TabScan S7C is an upgraded version of intelligent quick repair and fast warranty instrument with a new concept, which is carefully developed by Oaklea Technology. 
It has a wealth of diagnostic applications, EUUI intelligent operating system, cloud services and cloud support platform, equipped with quad-core dual CPU, 7-inch touch display screen, 1GB memory, 16GB on-board memory, a variety of power supply modes, wifi wireless Internet access functions, with intelligent and fast, professional and accurate, easy to use, high-end innovation features. 
TabScan S7C is equipped with nearly 140models made in Asia, Europe, America and China, supporting the diagnosis, maintenance, brush hiding, anti-theft matching, action testing, special functions, oil query and 8848 privileged member account support of all electronic control systems. 
Such as maintenance zero reset, battery matching, ABS exhaust, CVT reset, tooth information learning, EPB brake pad change, tire pressure reset, throttle matching, steering angle reset, anti-theft key matching, airbag reset, DPF regeneration, remote control manual setting, etc. 
TabScan S7C is the best intelligent diagnostic instrument for all maintenance enterprises, especially for fast repair and maintenance enterprises to realize rapid diagnosis and maintenance of vehicles.