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Product Description

1. Basic information introduction:

sensors are divided into magnetoelectric type and electronic hall type

2. Introduction of the core parts:

Magnetoelectric products mainly consist of enamelled wire, permanent magnet and magnetic core; electronic Hall products mainly consist of Hall and permanent magnet.

3. Principle of work:

crankshaft position sensor, respectively installed in engine crankshaft rod; is the crankshaft rod angle parameters into voltage signals for automotive ECU acquisition, the ECU will crankshaft and camshaft two signals after the comparison of engine cylinder piston position and stroke, when 1 cylinder compression stroke stop point, control fuel injection Firing order and ignition sequence.

4. Introduction of failure:

product usage damage, there will be fault alarm lights on the automotive instruments, car start ignition difficult or often on the way out, engine shake, lack of power, with the computer board detection, there will be crankshaft position sensor fault code.