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Product Description

1. Classification of Knock sensors:

Knock sensors can be divided into two types: resonance type and non resonant type, which are mainly non resonant.

2. The introduction of the core components:

2.1. The Knock sensor is mainly composed of the piezoelectric ceramic element and the oscillating plate.

3. Introduction of the principle of work:

The Knock sensor is installed on the cylinder block of the engine, and the vibration signal of the engine is converted into voltage signal to detect the detonation condition of the engine. When the engine explosion occurs, the sensor instantaneously outputs a high voltage signal to the ECU, which controls the control unit to adjust the ignition advance angle to eliminate the explosion.

4. Introduction of failure:

4.1, when the engine is detonation, the engine will produce percussion. The slight discontinuous detonation sound is quite crisp, somewhat similar to the sound of tapping triangle iron. And when there's a serious, continuous detonation, the engine will sound miles, and the engine will be obviously underpowered.
4.2. ECU stores the fault code, and delays the ignition of each cylinder. When computer detects, the fault code of detonation sensor will appear.